Radiant Farms Canned Unicorn Meat

Unicorn exist only in fairy tales.  A magical white horse with a pretty pointed horn.  Unicorn never exist in real life but someone was able processed its meat. The Canned Unicorn Meat. That was really amazing!

You can buy the canned unicorn meat here. Will it give you the capacity to fly? Lets find out!

canned unicorn meat

Well, we all know the fact that unicorns do not really exist. So this unicorn meat is just a part of companys’ marketing strategy.

Last May, the National Pork Board issued a “cease and desist” warning to ThinkGeek. The geek company referred their product as “new white meat”. It created a confusion because the Pork Board owns the trademark “the other white meat.

ThinkGeek made a public apology stating that ‘New white meat’ from sparkly unicorns not meant to replace pork-based diets.They also offered a limited time discount on all of their product. Unluckily, promo deadline ended last June 30, 2010. Sorry folks!

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