The 28 Calamansi Everyday – Cleansing Diet ?

She came home one day with a  kilo of calamansi. She said it is good for the health. I know this very well, taking calamansi juice everyday is good for the health. A good source of Vitamin C. However she was not after taking calamansi juice. She was very interested about the technique of taking it, “The 28 Calamansi Everyday”. She said it is a cleansing diet.

Here is the trick. Pure calamansi extract should be taken every morning one hour before meal. Other food should not be taken before it and within the one hour period. Pure calamansi is sour and astringent (mapakla). Twenty eight pieces a day might be too much so 28 pieces for the first day is not expected. Take two on the first day, four on the next day, then eight… until the 28 pieces cap is reached.

I forgot to ask how long she has been doing this. She said that effects are good. She can poo with ease and her frequent headache are gone.


71 thoughts on “The 28 Calamansi Everyday – Cleansing Diet ?

  1. I try this also but this is what I do

    Monday – 4 pcs
    Tuesday – 8 pcs
    Wednesday – 12 pcs
    Thursday – 16 pcs
    Friday – 20 pcs
    Saturday – 24 pcs

    then repeat again next week

  2. this is true.. u can also try drinking calamansi water (no sugar) slice 1 or 2 pcs. calamanse then mix it with one glass of water. drink it early in the morning. then after every meal.

  3. How long will i take pure calamansi extract? Is it ok if i take it before dinner? One hour before dinner… No meal fr 4pm to 6pm…

  4. Hi…i work as a callcenter rep and work on the evening..i was just u think its ok to do it in the evening after i wake up..since my breakfast is normally ur dinner? Will it have the same effect?

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