Health Benefits and Uses of Bignay

Bignay or Antidesma bunius is a sour edible fruit but often neglected because of its small size. The fruits come in bunches like grapes but this bignay has the size of a toy pellet gun bullet. The seeds are big in proportion to fruit size.

My father told me that birds feed on it but I have never see any birds eating the small fruit ever since.

Because of its small sizes I enjoy eating ripe coffees more.

bignay with leaves

This small fruit has the following health and food uses.

The popular product for bignay is wine. Jam and juice can also be made out of bignay. Added to dish as flavorings. Young leaves can be eaten together with rice.

A very good source of calcium and id fair in iron.

Young leaves are boiled an taken as treatment for syphilitic affections. Syphilis is common venereal disease caused by the treponema pallidum spirochete; symptoms change through progressive stages; can be congenital (transmitted through the placenta).

Bark for medication should be used with caution. It contain toxic substance.

Food Value Per 100 g of Edible Portion ( Analysis made in Florida and the Philippines,
Moisture = 91.11-94.80 g
Protein = 0.75 g
Ash = 0.57-0.78 g
Calcium = 0.12 mg
Phosphorus = 0.04 mg
Iron = 0.001 mg
Thiamine = 0.031 mg
Riboflavin = 0.072 mg
Niacin = 0.53 mg

19 thoughts on “Health Benefits and Uses of Bignay

    • A male bignay tree? I have never heard and see one yet. Although I am sure there is a male papaya tree (flowers are useful as pain killer)

    • I have read that bugnay fruit is very healthful and even good for beverages, and I am so inyerested to produce my own bugnay wine for my personal consumption. I have bugnay plantation and I always made of bugnay juice. I appreciate if you can give me the recipe how to make bugnay wine. Thank you.

  1. pde po ba ang bignay sa mga bukol? like breast mass, myoma at polyp sa uterus? at sa ovarian cyst din? how about sa toxic goiter? anong part ang gagamitin at paano?

    • totoo po bang nakakatigas ng lalaki ang bignay?anu anu po bang side effects nito para malinaw ang aking katanungan,gusto ko po malaman ang ibat ibang pong mga sanhi nito:

  2. nakakagamot ba yan sa mahina ang panunaw?
    pls txt me asap bumili na ako nyan sa alabang eh gusto ko subukan sa nanay ko. pls reply 09305869285

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