The Ice Cold Guyabano Leaf Tea

The guyabano leaf tea is becoming a regular part of my morning routine. Coffee and tea taste better but this guyabano has a different effect. It makes my body feels lighter and more energetic. Knowing that it’s a miracle cure for cancer makes me wanting for more. I have no cancer or whatever disease but I want to follow the saying “an ounce of prevention is better than pounds of cure”.

A cup of leaf tea in the morning is enough. Just boiling a cup whenever I want it. Go for other drink if the leaf is not available or too lazy to prepare. I am taking about one kilometer walk, forth and back, to get a bunch of leaves. Getting it in middle of busy schedule is almost impossible.

I got this idea from my big brother, I saw him drinking an ice cold guyabano leaf tea. He told me that he always prepare three liters and store it in refrigerator. He always take tea in early morning and after work.

Again I walked and got a bunch of guyabano leaves. I boiled it until the water was slightly golden brown. Let it cool. Transferred to bottle and placed inside the refrigerator. I refilled the casserole with water and boiled it again – boiled the same set twice. I think this will last for several days.

boiling fresh guyabano leaves


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131 thoughts on “The Ice Cold Guyabano Leaf Tea

  1. The best ang guyabano leaves. 3 Years na above normal level ang cholesterol ko, umabot ng 350, ang normal eh 180, dahil sa natatakot akong uminom ng mga gamot dahil nakakasira daw ng atay, sinabihan ako ng kuya ko na uminom na lang ng nilagang dahon ng guyabano. Yung problema kong cholesterol for 3 years eh naging 180 in just 1 month of continous drinkingof guyabano tea. Lumakas din ang resiztensiya ko. Dati akong sipunin pero di na ngayon..

  2. asked ko lng po i have myoma, makakatulong po ba pampaliit nito ang paginom ng guyabano leaves? once i made this day a guyabano leaves tea boiling it for 15mins 18leaves for 10cups of water.. 3x aday before meals po ba ito? everyday need pong gumawa nito?hindi po ba pwede na magboiled ako para inumin naman bukas just keep in the refrigerator? thank you..

    • hindi naman gamot ang dahon ng guyabano.pero nakakatulong sa pampalakas ng immune system.pag malakas ang immune system natin , di basta basta nagkakasakit ang tao or, kapitan man ,madali ang recovery.3 years na ako on guyabano tea at nakita ko ang mga binigay sa akin nito na tulong para macontrol ang pagiging sipunin ko lalo na may asthma ako.natulongan ako na maalis ang insomnia ko although kailangan ko rin iwasan ang mga bawal like kape sa hapon or soft drinks, lahat ng may caffeine..ang bowel movement ay naging regular..ang bowel movement ay isa sa pinakaimportante na dapat nagagawa ng katawan natin kasi thru this, ilinalabas natin ang mga dapat mawala sa katawan natin bukod sa exercise na pinapalabas naman ang pawis..malaking tulong ang guyabano bago mabuo ang sakit- kung baga panangga.pero pag anjan na ang sakit , dapat lang doktor na lapitan natin lalo na kung malala na.

  3. Hello po,gusto ko lang magtanong sa inyo kung saan ako pwedeng makabili ng guyabano tea or leaves? wala ksing ganyang tanim d2 sa mga katabi namin. meron ho ksi akong myoma at malaki na sya. naka sked ako for hysterectomy dis month,hanggat maari e ayaw k sanang magpa opera ksi 51 naman na ako at baka sakaling mag menopause na ako. me nagsbi ksi sa akin na maganda daw ang pag inum ng gyyabano tea,kso nga ho dko alam kung saan ako maka2bili nito.pls help naman. salamat in advance.

    • wala naman yata nabibili na guyabano tea.ang alam ko lang ay dahon na pipitasin at yun ang gagawin na tsa.mahirap seguro maghanap sa lugar ninyo pero ang seeds niya ay madaling tumubo kagaya ng ginawa ko na yung prutas na guyabano, yung seeds nya ay tinanim lang namin at madaling nabuhay.kung 51 ka na at skedyuld ka na operahan ng myoma, i think sundin mo na lang advise ng doktor.kung advance stage na ang myoma sa tingin ko dapat susundin na ang payo ng doktor.magaling ang guyabano leaves sa prevention o pagbuild up ng immune system pero kung ganyang dapat na operahin , baka magkaproblema..pansamantala, seguro simulan na ang pag inum ng tea..puedeng makatulong.

    • Hi! I have all-natural guyabano tisane ( herbal tea ). Not tea bag type, not fermented and no additives. Just plain guyabano leaf flakes. You can call me at (02) 8000-726 or 09159054963.

  4. Hi po man/sir aq po ay nadiagn0sed stage 3b ca mkaka2l0ng po b ang pag in0m ng guyabano at bignay tea kht ndi po aq magpchemo pgktap0s po aq magpaopera? Slmat po..Hi po mam/sir

    • Hi Maryline! Yes it could help. In fact you can even start taking it before your surgery. Combine the guyabano & bignay tea. Bignay could be very good for your recuperation after the surgery. I myself am a cancer survivor and so is my sister. We are also a big fan of lemongrass.I practice holistic healing approach. Which means that , I also deal with my psychological and spiritual healing. All the treatments , medications and supplements covers just 50% of your healing. You also need to do some mindsetting and believe you are worthy of the healing grace, coming your way. I am not a preacher, nor belong to a sect that brings about healing. I am also into meditation , which I can also share with you. You can call me at ( 02 ) 8000726 or 09159054963.Hope to hear from you.
      God bless. . . . . . . Namaste!

  5. according sa google “Guyabano Caution & Side Effects” concotions of leaves, seeds, & barks are not recommended for internal consumption to children, pregnant & lactating women.

  6. Hello sir,

    My mother was diagnosed with lung CA ( not a smoker) stage 4 with mets sa bone and brain. Kaya pa kaya ng guyabano tea? shes undergoing chemo treatment now and is very weak and no appetite which makes it more worse. Shes also diabetic and with high BP. we have sourced out a guyabno capsule here in mindanao made by nuns, is this the same with drinking the tea? BTW, my mom is 75 years old.

    • Hi Danielle!

      A holistic approach to treating dermoid cysts would include vitamins and mineral supplements that will help build your body’s immune system and help fight the growth of abnormal cells. A variety of herbs are also beneficial in ridding your body of toxins and diminish cell growth. ( Like Guyabano abd Bignay Herbal Tea ) You should also avoid foods that are treated with chemicals . Also avoid use of cosmetics and other products that contain a high chemical component. A natural, holistic treatment approach can work hand in hand with the treatment recommended by your physician.

      Obesity has also been found to increase the risk of developing cysts which includes, dermoid cysts.Changing your diet can help improve the odds and keep hormone levels within normal range. Some foods are more problematic than others. Sugar, processed food, white flour and junk food of all types can create insulin problems that lead to hormonal imbalances. By eliminating these foods and eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead can help your body find its own natural balance.
      Feel free to call me at ( 02 ) 8000726 or 09159054963.
      Have a nice day & God bless!

  7. First of all a “BIG BIG THANKS” for this Blogs, nakatulong po talaga ng malaki sa amin ang article na ito. my Father was diagnosed of Prostate cancer Stage 4 sabi nung doctor d na daw gagaling c tatay , kasi kalat na sa Buto ung cancer nya, Sobrang sakit ng likod ang nararamdaman nia, ung pain releiver na gamot na binigay ng Doctor sa kanya, walang effect kahit ilang tablet ang inumin nya para maalis ung sakit ng likod nya, as in nakakaawa po talaga pag sumusumpong ng sakit ng likod nya.. after po na mabasa ko at Blog na ito, pi na try ko po kay Tatay na maglaga ng Guabano leaves at inumin.. ALAS less than a week na umiinom c tatay ng Guabano tea, naging okey at masigla ang pakiramdam nya, nawala ang pananakit ng likod nya, d na cia umiinom ng pain releiver a Million thanks po talaga sa Blog na ito, kasi sobrang nakatulong po kayo sa amin Financially at naniniwala ako na tuloy tuloy na ang pag galing ni tatay..

      • Hi! I got a testimonial from a client that total lifestyle transformation is needed, to fight the disease. his wife had late stage breast cancer and was in & out of the hospital. They both finally decided to stop all treatments and got into holistic healing. He says it really takes determination and tons of discipline. His wife had zero sugar, zero oil/fats and no dairy. Their diet would be fresh fruits & veggies, steamed fish ( mind you , unsalted ), and of course guyabano with bignay tea . He says his wife is doing great and her WBC, which used to be 45 is now 11.
        So I guess, it’s worth the effort. God bless!

  8. just recently, my mother’s diagnosed with lung metastases. can guyabano leaf tea still commendable on her illness. thanks po.

  9. tnx for your concerned…in view of all such advises am planing to mix bignay leaf with guyabano leaves i thought it be much better effective…could it be possible to mix those leaves how many leaves and how many minutes for boiling? thanks so much…

    • Yes, in fact I do, but you have to be careful about boiling your own bignay leaves/bark. No problem about the guyabano, but if you’re not knowledgeable about different types of bignay tree, DON’T!Though I have bignay tea flakes in pouches, processed by the inventor of the bignay tea himself.

  10. i am hoping this site wud help me thru everyone’s concern…i am struggling with my sugar na mataas. i dont know what to do.which leaves is most effective cud it be guyabano leaf, mango leaves etc…thank you for any advise…since i am living alone as single and no one to care for me….thanks a lot….

    • Hi John! I had a client ( Kiwi ) who at first wasn’t aware he’s diabetic, until he had blurred vision and numbness all over. According to his wife, he is so stubborn and refuses medication. His sugar was frantically high and all he agreed to take was bignay tea. Surprisingly, his blood sugar was okey after 3 days. Guyabano is also known to help with diabetes, but bignay tea does so much wonder for diabetes, hypertension and UTI.

      You can call me at 8000-726 or 09159054963.

  11. Hi again! If you can also eat the fruit, so much the better. Where are you from? Hope you can call me at ( 02 ) 8000726 or 09159054963.

  12. thank you very much avic from now on i will start drinking all of these! pano po ginagawa nyo sa guyabano? kinakain po ba ito ng fresh or shake? and saan po ako makaka bili ng bignay tea? and pano po ang serving ng lemon grass? thank you very much and keep our faith in GOD because his our great healer! GODBLESS

  13. hello po im donwell 27 years old na diagnose po ako na may hodgkins lymphoma! at may mga bukol sa right neck ko! makaka tulong po ba ang guyabano fruits and leaves to fight my desease? hope you can help me and patnubayan tayo ng panginoon at gamitin nya kayo upang maka tulong sa aking sitwasyon! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! GODBLESS

    • hi donwell.i’m sorry you have the hodgkin’s disease , but my sister was a victim of nonhodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosed 4th was too late and her lymphoma was the deadlier type unlike yours which is quite not as morbid as the non hodgkin’ was her doctor who told me that hodgkins is more manageable, just follow the doctor’s advice and be prayerful.lots of exercise, the right kinds of food and positive thinking can help beat this type of lymphoma.i am not an authority to recommend any cure except for what i enumerated earlier, but i’ve read that taking guyabano tea on a regular basis is much better than chemotherapy.dont rely on what i said .i just read it.i hope you will recover and fast..

      • thank you very much and im sorry to hear about your sister! GOD is always the answer at kahit kelan hindi tayo pababayaan ng DIOS kc yun ang pangako nya sa atin hayaan natin na DIOS na ang magpa kilos sa atin at may purpose sya sa atin sa kahit na anong bagay! kelangan lang natin mag tiwala sa kanya at sumunod sa lahat ng kaloob nya! GODBLESS ate and wishing you a good health to you and to your family! takecare always

        • Hi Donwell! I also had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I also went through chemo treatments ( and so did my sister – with breast cancer ). I combine guyabano with bignay tea ( bignay is a good source of CoQ10, for cell regenration, which we need and is an anti-inflammatory, for any swelling ) I take 1 liter of the tea everyday and lemongrass before bedtime. I would also start my day with my lemon water.

  14. Hello Fatima. guyabano tea lang n take mo for ur insomia? I have a chronic insomia too and I am looking for a cure. I hope to hear from u soon.

    • avoid coffee and soft drinks.i used to have insomnia after i would have them at daytime.guayabano helped me overcome insomnia slowly after i have taken it as a tea every morning or at bedtime.these days when i cant avoid coffee or soft drinks ,i make it a point to take guyabano at bedtime to make sure it will send me to sleep.

  15. Sir, is Guyabano too can help to cure hemorrhoid? Ano po yung preparation? Salamat po sa reply nyo sa 1st letter ko po…
    more power po…

  16. as i have stated earlier, guyabano helped a sis in law get rid of an impending myoma operation 3 years ago.personally too, i am now free from insomnia and erratic bm is a thing of the past.

  17. when i experienced an elevated blood sugar, my first time- i hastily researched on how to manage it without resorting to medicines..i read about mango leaves which just like the guyabano can be boiled for drinking.that time i also had an elevated uric acid.i coulndt pinpoint which caused my intermittent body and hand s pains but as i saw that there was nothing wrong with trying it, i tried.i also increased my water intake and walked at least 30 min a day.meat and soft drinks increase uric acid if taken regularly, but i have kicked the habit.

  18. my usual practice for almost 3 years now is to get 3 to 7 young leaves of guyabano,wash them well, shred and put in a glass.the right practice is not to boil but to pour boiling water over them in a glass or cup or sometimes i put the leaves while the water is still boiling but not allowing the water to boil further.just like making a has helped me get rid of ibs,insomnia and faster healing of small cuts or doesnt have to drink this practice is to drink about 3 to 4 x a week but when bm seems difficult i run and pick leaves from my trees(i planted 4, 3 years ago)and have the drink ready.i take it soon after i have prepared ,after it has cooled down but never taking it after more than 6 hours.

  19. hi….just want to try guyabano u said 18 leaves of guyabano and 10 cups of water then boil it for ten minutes and drink it 3 x a day for 2-3 mos….pwede ba yan sa tulad kong may high blood even na may dalawang gamot me iniinom one’s a day for my maintenance …wala bang side effect………tnx for the help in advance……..

  20. i heard about guyabano’s benefits about 3 years ago.every time i got the chance to read anything about it i would store it in my ‘stock’ knowledge.and everytime somebody showed interest whenever i told a thing or two about it’s benefits , i would encourage the listener to try it too.that was the time too that my sis n law was having a difficult time with finances and worries because of a diagnosed was just a suggestion that i made-that she start with the leaves of guyabano everyday…the rest is history.both husband and wife up to this day have included the habit of drinking the leaves as boiling..

  21. Hi John! Guyabano is also known to help with diabetes, but better if you combine it with Bignay. Bignay is known to help with blood sugar and for cell regeneration for good heart functioning. You can call me at 8000-726 or 09159054963, to share good routine, which might help.

  22. sir/madam, ako pwede po ba ang guyabano leaf para sa diabetes? ano pa sir ang leaf na pwedeng inumin para sa diabetes….salamat po…God Bless….

    • try boiled mango leaves before meals.a glass or half-full at least once a day have found me free from intermittent pains caused by elevated blood sugar.

    • Hi Elisa! Guyabano is also known to help with diabetes, but better if you combine it with Bignay. Bignay is known to help with blood sugar and for cell regeneration for good heart functioning. You can call me at 8000-726 or 09159054963, to share good routine, which might help.

  23. hi po i was diagnosed a tubo ovarian cyst,,going process na po mga laboratory and ulrtasound ko next surgery na po.umiinom po ako ng first vita plus guyabano flavor sa ngaun sana makakatulong po sa akin un para hnd na po ako maooperahan..

    • I am a CA survivor and so is my sister. My mom died of ovarian CA, that’s why our family is into organic stuff and advocate for healthy living. You can call me at 8000-726 or text me at 09159054963, so I can share some routine with you.

    • Hi Paula. You might want to try lemongrass ( tanglad ) to help calm your nerves. It will also give you a good night sleep. I used to have panic disorder, after my chemo treatments. I now regularly take lemongrass. Feel free to call me at 8000-726 or text me at 09159054963. I can also share a session of meditation for stress relief with you.

    • dexter
      may nabasa ako prostate cancer patient umiinom ng pinakuluang talbos ng papaya.
      i was diagnosed with breast cancer and i am drinking many herbs gaya ng talbos ng papaya, guayabano leaves/fruit, luyang dilaw, oregano,mangoosteen, lately i take in buong siling labuyo, just remove the peduncle then inumin gaya ng tablet.

    • 18 leaves of guyabano add 10 cups of water boil it to 15 mins and cool ,drink it 3 times a day ,drink atleast 2 to 3 months to see the result.

  24. i was diagnosed with ameloblastoma and had the operation 7 months ago.. di pa po ulit ako bumabalik sa doctor para mag p check up.. maraming cases n bumabalik din dw ung bukol kpag na operahan ka na..nag guguyabano tea din ako, and so far wla naman akong na kakapang bukol s left jaw ko

    • hi rubrey, just want to ask kung anung doctor ba ang dapat puntahan ng may ameloblastoma? meron akong malaking bukol sa left jaw. i think ameloblastoma to..ty :)

  25. i was also diagnosed with a breast cancer. my doctor wants to operate because she wants to identify what stage i have. I was hesitant to do it. some friends advised me to take guyabano leaves and now i feel better….

  26. My mother also have a high blood and infact she takes two medicines for her maintenance. can there be a good reaction if she drinks guavano tea.

    • I can share a good routine to help with her hypertension , which is also good for diabetic patients. Hope you can give me a call.

  27. My mother suffers athriatis, both affected her two knees, if I
    give her a guavano tea, can it make her feel relieve from pain?

    • Hi Ophie! Bignay tea is the one that has anti-inflammatory property, it helps with swelling and is a good source of CoQ10, for cell regeneration. Call me at 8000-726 or 09159054963, so I can share the needed routine for your mom.

    • ophie
      my mother also suffered from arthritis….good this she heard about this guyabano tea….after a month of drinking it, now she can eat different kind of beans again..but of course dapat continuous ang pag take non…

    • How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones?
      You can do many things to prevent a recurrence of kidney stones. Knowing the stone’s specific mineral composition can help determine which preventive steps are most likely to reduce your risk of recurrence. Check with your doctor before making any major changes in your diet, but these general guidelines, for many people, can help.

      Drink at least 3 quarts of liquid every day — and more in hot weather. Drinking plenty of fluid is probably the most important way to prevent future stones, since this will dilute the mineral concentration in your urine.
      Avoid — or consume sparingly — foods containing oxalate: chocolate, celery, grapes, bell peppers, rhubarb, beans, strawberries, spinach, asparagus, beets, tea, and vitamin C supplements.
      Avoid foods that raise uric acid levels: anchovies, sardines, organ meats, and brewer’s yeast. If the level of uric acid in your urine is high, your doctor may advise eating a low-protein diet or taking medications to decrease uric acid levels.
      Reduce your salt intake to no more than 3 grams a day, since higher amounts may raise the level of calcium in your urine.

    • drinking 3 quarts of water a day atleast and eliminate eating salty food ,,guyabano tea is good to our health so try it.

    • Hi Ercy! You can also try Bignay tea. It is a known diuretic and a good source of CoQ10. I heard a lot of testimonials about how it can help with UTI, diabetes and hypertension. You can also try my lemon water detox routine. I’ll share the routine with you. Call me at 8000-726 or 09159054963. I’d be glad to share some info with you.God bless.

  28. For best result do not use it again, you can get as many guyabano leaves as you want and you have to air dry all of them.

    Rollie Bartolome

  29. Good day po, if i boil 18 leaves for 15 minutes po do i need to use it again or new leaves na po, i have nodules po on my throat itry ko po na uminom ng guyabano leaves, im taking din po green barley but it’s expensive to maintain. God bless!

  30. Good day po, if i boil 18 leaves for 15 minutes po do i need to use it again or new leaves na po, i have nodules po on my throat itry ko po na uminom ng guyabano leaves, im taking din po green barley but it’s expensive to maintain. God bless!

    • Hi Ayrene! First of all, have you seen a doctor about your nodules? I am a cancer survivor ( NHL) and I am also a big fan of guyabano & lemongrass. Secondly, once you boil the leaves, to make as tea, you lessen its potency already. And anything that you boil and drink, you have to consume in 24 hrs. I am into herbal tea/supplements, and already did a lot of research about it. You can call me at 8000-726 or text me at 09159054963, and I’d be glad to share the infos with you. God bless you!

    • Masarap ang juice from Guyabano leaves! “mataba-taba.” :) Actually it mimics gulaman juice pero alam mong iba!? We’ve been drinking it pag may LBM-related problems, since way back. And it works—we learned from a booklet we bought “Philippine Medicinal Plants” ng UP Diliman but not sure where else to read more about it. Maybe Google “guyabano leaves for lbm” or something. Nawawala ang hilab ng tiyan after a day of drinking it. Read more about it to find out for yourself. Maganda rin ang kulay ng juice. We add sugar but sometimes as is masarap na.

        • i have read about 3 years ago and that was the time too that i started taking this as tea that the leaves should not be boiled.just shred the leaves in a cup or a preferred container and pour boiling water over the leaves just like the way we make a tea..and consume it asap as it begins to cool down.the fresher, the better to take, so storing the drink in a refrigerator will not be an option for’s my way for this drink but others have it their way.

  31. honestly i don’t have any disease right now but i think i need to drink that ice cold guyabano tea for the sake of my body..because i don’t want to have cancer..just for prevention i will start to drink that tea..

    • Hi Malou! Guyabano is also good for diabetes and a good booster for your immune system. If you have time visit Victoria’s Box Green Eco at FB, request to be added as friend, so you can access postings about benefits of the guyabano.

  32. Iam mixing 2 kalamansi and 1 tsp of honey (purchased in the grocery) on the cold guyabano tea. Will this be okay? wala bang nawawalang healing element in this process? thanks

    • I would suggest you take it pure, you can store it in the refrigerator please refer to my previous comment (above) for the instructions on how to make a guyabano tea. Hope it helps

    • Hi Sam! I am avic from Victoria’s box. I am a big fan of guyabano and lemongrass( I am also a CA survivor ). No problem about mixing calamansi and honey with your guyabano leaf tea, in fact it enhances the flavor and you also enjoy the benfits of both the honey & calamansi, but sometimes calamansi is too acidic and might give you problems when taken regularly. If you can, I would advice investing on lemons. lemons have a long list of benefits and is alkaline based and won’t be a problem. I even drink my lemon water first thing in the morning for my detox routine. And one more thing, anything that you boil & drink, you have to consume in 24 hrs, otherwise you loose the potency. I did a lot of research on the benefits of tea. You can call me at 8000-726, I’d be glad to share my infos with you.

      • maam avic — thanks again for your comments regarding use and consumption within 24 hours of of the boiled leaves of guyabano.Thanks for helping people — God bless.

  33. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer last April, 2011 and was operated complete mastechtomy last July. I drink a lot of herbs, but i wonder how to prepare the guayabano tea? there were times I boil the leaves for 15 minutes, sometimes I just pour in boiling water to a mug with the leaves. which is best? thanks

    • I can never tell which is which. Please refer to this article. Read some comments or ask other readers. Many are very willing to help.

    • Bhing how are you now? nag-chemo ka naba? are you still taking the guyabano drink? my wife wll undergo operation tomorrow. she is also taing green barley now. I wish these can all help her, at sa yo din. God bless.

      • Sam, patuloy parin po ako drink iba’t ibang herbs like talbos ng papaya, luyang dilaw, makabuhay; di po ako nag undergo chemo, its almost 7 months after my operation and Praise God am doing well, by His grace and mercy, and by faith on Him Almighty, I pray that your wife will have fast recuperation, God bless po!

    • Bhing how are you now? nag-chemo ka naba? are you still taking the guyabano drink? my wife wll undergo operation tomorrow. she is also taking green barley now. I wish these can all help her, at sa yo din. God bless.

    • I heard a doctor discussing about the benefits of guyabano leaves, you have to boil 18 leaves to 10 glasses of water for 15 minutes, let it cool and you can store it in the refrigerator. Hope it helps, you can e-mail me if you want

    • I can also give you the contact number of that doctor, she’s practicing alternative medicines and she’s also a cancer survivor stage 3 melanoma (she cured herself) if you want her details you can e-mail me at God bless

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