How to Cook Bigas Na Mais / White Corn Rice

There are several ways to cook corn rice / bigas na mais. The three consecutive methods were through the effort of National Corn RDE Network.

The Rice Cooker Method

Wash the corn grits. Add one cup water for a cup of grits (1:1). Then cook until done.The ratio can be adjusted depending on eater preference. A  2:3 ration will result to a softer texture.

The Casserole or Cauldron Method (Cebuano Style)

Boil water and corn grits. Mix and cook until done.kaldero cauldron

The Rice and Corn Composite Method

Wash corn grits. Soak corn grits in cooking water for 30 minutes. Use four cups of water for one cup of corn grits. Wash rice then add to corn grits. Cook over moderate heat.

Another method was shared by my friend Dennis.

Corn rice has a class numbering system. Class A, B  etc…. The steps in cooking bigas na mais are as follows:

1) Bring water to boil.
2) Pour a measured amount of white corn grits. Do not wash before cooking.
3) Remove floating pieces / tahip.
4) Stir continuously until almost done.
5) Continue stirring until corn clumps are formed. Non stirring will result in a gelatine / duldol appearance. It will look like a giant maja blanca.

He added: Eating white corn rice is truly healthy. People in Luzon are not real used to eating “bigas na mais”. The Visayans and Miondanawans are white corn rice eating people. They call this as bugas na mais (white corn rice) and bugas na humay (bigas sa palay). There is a technique in cooking white corn rice. Yon pong hindi marunong magsaing nito maaaring maging lugaw o hilaw…hehehe…Matagal ka pong magutom sa bigas na mais. FYI!

2 thoughts on “How to Cook Bigas Na Mais / White Corn Rice

  1. another high value product of corn is “CORN COFFEE”. I am looking/searhing it here in Davao. In the provinces of Davao the natives make corn coffee but they mix it with instant coffee…Meron bang “pure corn coffee”?….Are there any corn coffee sold in Metro Manila? Please let me know…thanks..

    • Hi Dennis, I am a cebuano, i too, cook corn rice the way you do it. I just love corn rice with inun-unang isda and humba, he he he.

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