Inihaw na Dugo, Grilled Chicken Blood

I asked my mom to buy me chicken blood. I want to eat some inihaw na dugo but I don’t want to buy from street vendors. I want to grill my own blood barbecue.

Chicken blood is preferred for grilling purposes because its texture is the  firmest among other animal blood.

Pre-cooked chicken blood can be bought from dressed chicken vendors. All you need to do is cut it do desired sizes and prick it through a barbecue stick. Take care not to break blood slices.

chicken blood

Grill the blood barbecue over a charcoal stove for  5 to 30 minutes. High temperatures hasten cooking time.  Brush with mixture of  cooking oil, ketchup and soy sauce. I also add oysters sauce and chili sauce.

chicken blood on barbecue sticks

I prefer a slow grilling over low temperature charcoal stove. It allows greater absorption of  sauce and development of flavors.

grilling curd chicken blood

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