How to Make Mangosteen Tea

Mangosteen tea is very popular due to its high xanthone content. According to studies the chemical has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-tumor properties. It also has anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties. It is well known to reduce cholesterol levels and hardening of arteries and a natural cancer fighter.

Most xanthones reside in rind. Separate the rind for tea making purposes. It can be dried by air drying or following the drying methods below.  Leaves can be included in tea processing.


Dehydration is the simple methods of preserving fruits. The weight and bulk of fruit are reduced, making handling, storage, and product distribution less difficult. Dried fruits require simpler and cheaper packaging and are, thus, less costly than those preserved by canning or freezing.

Dehydration preserves fruits by reducing moisture content, so that, microorganisms cannot multiply and enzyme activities are retarded. Dried fruits are high in sugar and low in protein and fat. Some contain as much as 70 % sugar, 5% ash, and 6% mixture of malic, citric, and tartaric acids. Dried fruits retain the nutrients to some extent when properly processed and stored.

Drying depends on temperature, time and relative humidity. The ideal conditions for drying fruits are 43-46°C within a short time and with low relative humidity. Drying can be done under the sun or in driers.

Sun drying involves spreading the fruits on clean pavement under the sun. This method is cheap and gives a good color to the product, depending on the weather. Product quality is low because of exposure to various contaminants such as dust, insect, molds, debris, etc.


1. Select and sort fruits according to size, maturity, and quality for equal drying of the product. Use only fresh and top quality fruits.

2. Prepare the fruits. Wash; peel; remove seeds, edges, or core; and cut to desired sizes. For sundrying, slice the materials. For some fruits, blanch by means of hot water, salt, lye solution; and steam to check enzymatic changes. Dip the fruits in sodium metabisulfite solution (0.12%) to prevent browning and kill insects and spoilage organisms.

3. Spread fruit slice evenly on clean, dry trays. Cover trays with loosely woven cloth to keep out insects and dust.

4. Depending on available equipment, dry the fruits.

5. Place the dried fruits in boxes to equalize moisture content.

6. Package the fruit and place it in an oven set at 65°-85°C for 30-70 minutes.

drying technology courtesy of dost

8 thoughts on “How to Make Mangosteen Tea

  1. Been consuming boiled rind tea for less than a month, noticed the numbness of my hand did appears little by little. Air dry it for a day so as to lessen the yellow substance when boiling, its an excess sap of the rind. Now I’m air drying the rind for a week til it becomes brownish dry then grind it to make a powder. I mix 1 spoon with a cup of coffee then consume it the ordinary way am and pm. Wondering why my stool becomes wetty an hour after consuming it. Better boil it for at least 3min before consuming. The boiled water turns purplish after boiling even the rind is brown dry. weather you fell it or not, just drink it, lots of health benefits that you can’t see or feel but you body does.

  2. hi,am very much interested to know more about mangosteen tea.recently, i went to phil. and usually i bought mangosteen and ate much there. when my cousin told me that the rind pericarp of mangosteen can be make into tea , she taught me how to do it so i followed. i dried the rind under the sun to make it crisp. after i boiled it for almost an hr. until the colors been made. make it cool and drink it like a tea or instead of water.may i know if am right of what i’m doing?
    i heard that when i drink the mangosteen tea that i made, is it bad to take a coffee or juice. i want some advice pls…

  3. hi, again it’s me, zynab. I am quite interested with this fruit because of my myoma which is 3.1 cm and the other one is 1.9cm i am still in hope the xanthone may shrink my myoma.
    Since mangoesteen capsule is very expensive for me i prefer to use two fresh mangoesteen everyday, one in the morning ,after eating the fruit with a little rind, i steep the remaining rind with pericarp abd drunk the water, same procedure in the evening. The difference is that i drunk the water empty stomach every morning and i find it very good for my daily activities, i am very energetic. I am in 12th day in used by this fruit now, my querry is how many days do usually myoma shrink?, is there any possibility my myoma shrink with this way of my method of using mangoesteen fruit?

    • have you tried guyabano yet? there are several articles about guyabano in this site. it includes, cure stories, recommendations and instructions. it might help in faster treatment.

  4. i am using fresh rind steep in tea pot for about 20 minutes and drunk…do i still have health and medicinal benefit on it?

  5. I read that Mangosteen tea was very benificial so I tried to make a juice out of it, but that didn’t work out so well. So I boiled the fresh peel for about 10 minuted and started noticing a yellow sort of substance coming up to the surface. I didn’t know what that was so I scooped it out. Is this a safe way to make the rind? I just wasn’t sure and am kind of scared to drink it. This is my first time experimenting with mangosteen. Any suggestions?

    • @Emily . there are no report about dangers of mangosteen. You can read FDA website for more info. —-

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