How to Make Rice Coffee

Coffee rice came to popularity during the World War II. I remember my mother used to stock toasted rice in replacement of regular coffee.  Well, coffee rice has its benefits. First, it contains no caffeine – good for people who are avoiding caffeine for some health reasons. Second, it’s all natural.

coffee rice

How to make rice coffee.

Choose good quality rice grain, not steamed rice. Just like real coffee beans, high quality grain taste good.

Place rice in a frying pan. Toast it over low  heat until brown. Brown not Black, else, coffee will taste like charcoal. Coffee roaster and popcorn popper can also be used for this purpose.

Boil water. Add coffee rice. Let stand for few minutes and serve. Coffee to water ratio depends on your preference.

Enjoy your hot coffee rice!


19 thoughts on “How to Make Rice Coffee

  1. ang sabi ng yumao kung mahal na ina na ang rice coffee ay mabisa daw pangtanggal ng kabag kung ikaw ay sinisikmura lalo na kung malimit kang nalilipasan ng gutom.. Alternative ang rice coffee sa mga taong may hypertension, heart ailment na bawal uminom ng pure coffee dahil nagpapabilis tibok ng puso..

  2. ako i love tea..basta masarap.ü and ofcourse i love rice tea, mas magaan ang feeling compared s commercial coffee na nagpapalpitate ako before though di n ngaun mas ok p din ang rice tea or coffee less ang smell sa pee for me mas healthy sya.

    • Hi there, we are actually also having a feasibility study about rice coffee. you might want to collaborate with us? :)

      • Hi, pwede pong makahingi ng feasibility study kong nakagawa ka na kasi gusto kong mag simula sa small business para makahiram ako ng pera sa OWWA us an OFW kasi nagpapahiram ang gubyerno ng pera sa mga galing abroad, pls i need your help thanks.

  3. uhm sa totoo lang di ko pa to natitikman… nakwento lang sakin ng lola ko na nung panahon ng mga hapon eh ganito ang ginagawa nilang kape… I’m just wondering if I can make an instant rice coffee for my investigatory project… I’m just wondering what was the advantages of rice coffee rather than the commercial coffee.. I want to make a successful instant rice coffee so that it will lick in the market… I think it was cheaper than the coffee beans… Wish me luck.. =))

  4. every time i drink rice coffee. naaalala ko yung mga when i was young. and the very simple life we had before. it was almost 30 years from now. and it keeps coming back every time i drink rice coffee.

  5. ay, naku, mga 6 years siguro ang 1st taym ko with arroz cafe ni mother. mas natural o puro ang lasa kaysa instant or starbucks. arroz cafe, walang panama! walang tatalo sa pinoy na cafe. subukan nyo, pag di nyo natikman ang langit sa almusal, pamahaw or pani-aga nindo.

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